Van Beek Addition Lots

Lots in Doon IA

Lot 1-$8500-17,880 sq ft-approx 174 x 100, Lot 3-$8500-16,279 sq ft-approx 141 x 104. These lots are not square so these are the shortest dimensions of each lot.  Lots 1 & 3 are on the east side. This exciting new addition has lots available from $7500 to $8500. Several of the lots are already sold. Many gorgeous lots available–some with walk out basement options. These lots will have city water(now rural water) and city sewer so no septic system will be needed!! Call Kari Faber at 712-470-1430 for more details on these lots.

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  • Listing Status: Active 
  • Address: 510 7th Avenue, Doon, Iowa 
  • Price: $7,500-$8,500 depending on lot